SAP system copy What is System Copy as a Service?

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What is System Copy as a Service?
SAP system clone and copy
An SAP system copy usually includes both the copy of the database and the copy of the file systems that contain the SAP system. There are several ways to create a system copy of an SAP system, depending on the type of database and operating system used.

Individual steps know exactly where they have to restart the actual copy run in the event of an error. In general, this means that error situations can be handled as needed and with pinpoint accuracy.
Job logic instead of customizing
In advanced SAP systems, there are also methods such as system cloning, which allows an exact copy of a production system to be created and used as a test system. These methods save time and effort in creating system copies and allow companies to make their IT processes faster and more efficient.

On the other hand, such a tool must ensure that traceability or transparency is always available. What happens in the smallest detail during an SAP system copy creation must be visible in whatever form in order to be able to track down possible errors, but also, for example, to optimize the actual copying process or to accelerate it even further, for example by using log files and more.

Tools such as "Shortcut for SAP Systems" supplement missing functions in the area of SAP system copy.

One example: In an SAP environment, a system copy must be performed for various reasons - until now manually.

An SAP system copy (also referred to as client copy) describes the procedure of equipping non-productive SAP systems (eg QA, test, project systems) with current productive data in order to be able to develop, test and execute realistic processes.
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