SAP Basis SU25 Profile generator: upgrade and initial installation

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SU25 Profile generator: upgrade and initial installation
A first important step was the introduction of playbooks to professionalize our work. Back then, SAP installation manuals were real tomes with hundreds of pages that often went around in circles and were anything but easy to understand....

Planning ahead: Ideally, your SAP system administrator should make the necessary adjustments to your system landscape before end users are affected. This requires careful planning and anticipation of long-term trends.
What does SAP Basis Support do?
The SAP NetWeaver Integration Technology part of the course covers the basic areas of use and properties of the various integration technologies. Interrelationships between the integration technologies, Web Services, ALE, BAPI, Process Integration, Web Application Server are taught. Further contents are the basic communication technologies: IDoc, RFC, http and SOAP.

As we know, BASIS is a set of tools. This tool has the following different functionalities.

Tools such as "Shortcut for SAP Systems" complement missing functions in the SAP basis area.

Implementation SAP Note number 2408073.

Therefore, it is recommended to start thinking about how your company is prepared for security automation.
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